Suwon toilet clogging How to open tissue when it gets stuck

It is easy to get stuck in the toilet everywhere.Everyone gets flustered when the toilet is clogged.A toilet bowl is a device that makes it easier to clean the toilet, and it is connected to a sewage pipe.However, since sewage pipes are buried and invisible to our eyes, they can be used without damaging the beauty.

It gives you this convenience, but you can feel great inconvenience and embarrassment if there is a blockage, so I would like to ask for prompt action.As this problem occurs when you use a lot of tissues or drop things that should not be thrown away in the toilet bowl, there are various causes, so it should be solved by considering various parts.The scene of the clogged toilet in Suwon, where we went this time, was a place where the water didn’t flow and even flowed backwards, so they hurriedly contacted us.While introducing the site, experts will have time to show you how to open the toilet.

Usually, we visit on the day of reception.I know that clogging of sewers and toilet bowls can cause too much inconvenience, so I am making a quick visit to resolve it as soon as possible.As I said earlier, the toilet was clogged and the water was flowing backwards.

Usually, when the toilet is clogged, the first thing to do is to use a perforated bon.This drilling is a device that can push out foreign substances using pressure.It’s easy to get, and it’s used a lot by the public, so there may be one for each house.

But if all the clogging had been solved in this hole, there would be no experts like us.If you search for other ways to open the toilet bowl, you may find ways to remove the shampoo and wait before flushing or dissolving foreign substances using a rack.If the toilet is clogged with tissues, this kind of method may be effective.However, depending on the location and type of foreign substances, the above method may not be effective, so you will eventually find an expert like us.Sometimes I try to solve it using vinyl.Cover the toilet bowl with vinyl to prevent air from leaking, and lower the water in the toilet bowl to create pressure inside.At this time, if you press the vinyl hard from above, the foreign substances will be lowered by pressure.Actually, this method is similar to Tokopong, so you can use it when you don’t have Tokopong.Some people put a hanger and stir it.This method is recommended to avoid it as much as possible because the hanger may fall into the toilet bowl or foreign substances may be pushed deeper.We prepared equipment to solve the toilet clogging in Suwon.The equipment used for this work is a penetrator and an auction machine.Depending on the situation at the site, equipment may be added or toilet bowl removed, but this part cannot be determined unless you look directly at the situation at the site, so we decided to go inside and check the problem status.감지된 언어가 없습니다.

입력 언어를 확인해 주세요.In order to do the work, it was necessary to remove floating filth and tissues.Also, I removed the accumulated water using a suction machine.In this way, we were able to leave the inside empty and then put in a penetrator to start working.Unlike ordinary sewer pipes, toilet bowls are narrower and more winding, so they get clogged easily.In addition, equipment such as shafts can cause damage, so the problem can be solved without damage using a penetrator.I worked on it repeatedly until the problem was solved.I heard the sound of drainage little by little, so I let the water flow one by one so that it could enter the open part with a penetrator.The work was carried out so that water could enter the clogged section continuously and foreign substances could be swept away.Some people sometimes buy a penetrator and use it directly when it gets clogged.Penetrators can be twisted internally if handled incorrectly.As a result, the penetrator may get stuck and you may have to change the toilet bowl.Therefore, it is safe to solve it through experts as much as possible.After some work, the water started to flow well.I will insert an endoscope to check if there are any foreign substances.When I had an endoscopy, there was a bit of paper left, so I worked with the penetrator again to make sure it was finished.After that, I put the endoscope in again to see if it was removed well.Looking at the endoscope, it was confirmed that there were no foreign substances until they moved to the sewage pipe.I can’t see any additional strange parts, so I’ll finish it with a test.I put in a lot of tissues and washed them, but the water flowed well without any problems.If it’s not solved properly, you’ll get clogged right away when you put in the tissue, so it’s better to put the tissue in and drop it off during the test like this way.I put in a lot of tissues and washed them, but the water flowed well without any problems.If it’s not solved properly, you’ll get clogged right away when you put in the tissue, so it’s better to put the tissue in and drop it off during the test like this way.Previous Image Next ImagePrevious Image Next ImagePrevious Image Next Image